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Arsenal in the summer: 1924: the tour, and a review of the transfers.

By Tony Attwood
For Arsenal the 1924/5 season did not end with the escape from relegation, but instead it had an extension through another tour of Europe – this time to Germany.
The group left England on 8 May, but unfortunately we do not have details of the tour beyond the match results and the teams for most games, courtesy of Andy Kelly of TheArsenalHistory.  There is some curious information from Sally Davis concerning this period relating to the Arsenal management, but it is, I think, completely wrong.  There was no change in the management team at this time.
Robson, Arsenal’s keeper who played all 44 first team games in the season did not go on the tour and Dunn, the keeper he took over from on Boxing Day 1922 played throughout the tour.  Otherwise it was members of the first team squad, except for a centre half called...