Adebayor, give him the ball ___ __ ___ ___

Fill in the blanks. Adebayor, Adebayorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, give him the ball - and he will score. The cry from many, many deluded Arsenal fans over the last few years singing the praises of a man who can only be described by the hardcore Arsenal fan as the 2nd worst striker to don the Arsenal merchandise under the reign of one Arsene Wenger. (Franny Jeffers number 1)I said it before, and i'll say it again, the MAIN reason Ade scored 30 goals last season was because he was playing in a formidable side that created chance after chance after chance for him. He's proving now when the going gets tough and he gets only THREE chances per game rather than the 15 last season per game, he can't take one. We took for granted just how great last year's team was, with Hleb, Cesc and Rosicky at the forefront of our dazzling football. That's all gone now, and while I refuse to solely blame Adebayor for our displays, he is a big, big part of why we arent picking up results. Eboue ensures we go into every game with 10 men. He is anonymous, a headless chicken and must be sold. His passing is atrocious. He doesn't even look up. Why we turned down A.Madrid's offer is beyond me - if that was true. I was one of the first who said it was a disgrace that he got booed, but now I have to say I'm not too sure. I saw him coming off against Cardiff super slow on purpose shaking his head when substituted, Wenger was shouting at him telling him to come off the pitch quick but Eboue carried on sulking and walked even slower. I've had enough of being subtle, he has to go, but he won't. Wenger's stubborn nature in the media esp after today's game against West Ham has really started to infuriate me, saying things like we worked very hard and the attitude was spot on - what a load of bullshit. To add salt to the wounds, he says the only reason why we didnt score is because of West Ham's defending. Could you ever imagine Alex Ferguson talking like that? I don't care if he's trying to instill confidence into the team - it's clearly not working - the team don't care enough.Jose Mourinho used to come out and say "I'm embarassed, and we were a disgrace" if Chelsea under performed on any given occassion. Chelsea would win their next fixture 5-0. I can't wait till we get Walcott, Cesc, Rosicky and Eduardo back. Eduardo will surely kick Ade out of that first team sweetly. With the above + Arshavin to come, I doubt Eboue will be getting in the games he's getting now, BUT you never know with our manager do you, he seems intent on trying to prove the media and the fans wrong - rather than help the team. He's losing his mind, and it's infuriating as an Arsenal fan. He said in the press conference on friday how he's sick of talking about the transfer window and players coming in, instead of talking about the people who are already at the club and helping the club. What a load of rubbish, the reason why people expect you to buy in the transfer window Arsene is because YOUR PLAYERS ARENT GOOD ENOUGH. He then says today after the game he's not worried because rosicky walcott and fabregas will be back in a few months..........................WTFwhat about UNTIL then. The man is showing he has absolutely no drive and no desire to win every game anymore. It's been a beautiful fairytale to say the least but it looks like it's coming to a seriously painful and embarassing end unless he does something about it and changes things in the side. With Eboue and Adebayor starting week in week out - we have no chance. A lot of Arsenal fans have come here and slated me for saying I think Adebayor's not good enough for the Arsenal. Now that you see he doesn't even work for the team anymore, chills and genuinely believes he is bigger than the team, I wonder what you think. I bet you feel pretty stupid, and you should. The majority of Arsenal fans, the hardcore know what I'm talking about and can easily spot who's a waste of space and who fights for the cause a mile off.

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