First ever signs of Wenger considering leaving

The boss has always affirmed his commitment to Arsenal by ensuring fans he ALWAYS honours his contracts. Today for the first time I see a different Arsene giving hope to suitors ready to pounce for his services. French magazine L'quipe have conducted an Interview with Wenger and when asked about interest from Real Madrid, his answers weren't the most convincing to any gooner wanting him to remain at the helm. When asked whether he has spoken to Florentino Perez, his response was "I would like to remain silent on that". Followed by, "Any coach would be interested with Perez in charge, generally, I end my contract".It's that word again "generally", similar to the words Arsene Wenger famously and cleverly adds to his statements and answers in press conferences i.e "normally", "at the moment". You have to believe the Q & A session at the shareholders meeting last week has riled him to say the least. Also with news coming out today that the board have only allowed him £13m as his overall budget for bolstering the squad this summer can hardly have helped his nerves. Maybe it's time Arsene has had enough of the fans slating him, rather than commending him for the bigger picture. The overall work he has done over the years for the club has been nothing short of a miracle. To allow the break up of the invincibles and replace them with a squad of an average age of 22 who, lets face it have cost peanuts compared to what the likes of United, Chelsea and Liverpool pay for their players - is nothing short of a miracle. To develop them in the way that he has done and to turn them into a side still capable of remaining in the top four is remarkable. To keep the expenditure down, to ensure the club is in a financially stable position where as other clubs are not, and to be still challenging for top honours - is again, nothing short of a miracle. So you can understand why it would be a shock to the system to see the fans a man who is deeply passionate about bringing success to Arsenal, as well as taking care of it's well being. I'm not saying we have been good enough this season, we've lacked fight and determination in many games like I've said many times, which by the way we showed yesterday at old trafford. Considering the season we've had, to put in a performance like that on our 2nd to last game shows heart. We outplayed them, true we didn't create much, but it shows how close we are to being at the level of our opponents yesterday. Wenger is right when he say's we're not far off. He knows better than anyone we need to strengthen our defence, and he will. You can tell that he doesn't feel he has been respected enough by the fans of late for his philosophy and what he is trying to achieve. Success doesn't come overnight and with every defeat these kids turn more into men. We'll be a lot stronger next year, with a stronger defence and especially without players who constantly moan in the media like Adebayor. If Van Persie is not interested in signing a new contract this summer let him go too. We don't want another Flamini situation that's for sure. We need players who want to play for the club, simple as that. I can't imagine how deep this club would fall if we didn't have Wenger charge. His comments clearly insinuate that with Perez in charge at Madrid, he knows he'd be given a healthy amount of money to spend, money that Arsene Wenger deserves for his talents to identify the right personnel to take any club forward - and believe you me he'd turn Real Madrid into the Madrid of old - a winning side. £13 million to spend this summer has to be a major kick in the teeth. Not backed by the board, not backed by the shareholders and fans of the club. The man is entitled to consider his future and want to be somewhere he is valued. It would mean nothing short of "major disaster" if Wenger were to leave Arsenal. Every single one of those calling for his head would be crying wishing he never left. We would fall without him, big time.

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