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Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! By the time those of you in Europe and Asia read this it'll already be night and you'll already be very drunk, so hopefully that picture of the leprechaun will make your day. I must warn you before you read any further that this post is going to have almost no Arsenal content at all. In fact, it is going to have almost no content period. I'm going to put a lot of shamrocks and such and maybe have a bit about Arsenal here and there.I just tried to dye my coffee green, and that didn't work out so well. I have to go to the dentist in an hour so it's just coffee for me this morning. I suppose that Cesc Fabregas, Aaron Ramsey, Emmanuel Adebayor, Gael Clichy, and Eduardo could start early on their beers, since they aren't playing tonight vs Hull.What's your favorite beer to drink on St. Patty's day? I know a lot of people roll with the Guiness, being Irish and all, but some people keep it cheap and go for whatever they dye green at the bars, usually Pabst Blue Ribbon or Natty Light. Personally, I'll probably do it like this:6pm tonight: Using 25 dollar gift card for Olive Garden at the bar to order several Guiness. Might as well have the good beers while I'm still sober.9pm tonight: Meeting friends at Ale House where they will be serving pitchers of green beer. As mentioned earlier, this will be a ridiculously cheap beer that they have dyed green.12am tonight: Heading over to Zack's house for the after-party and some more drinking, probably champagne. Very cheap kind though like 5 dollar bottles of Andre.If you follow that schedule, I promise you you can have an amazing night that you will not remember and will probably regret tomorrow morning.Meanwhile, Arsenal will be playing, and I'll probably only see the first half. I'll check the score of course but I'll admit that I won't stay home to watch the whole thing.I don't really have much else. Time for the dentist and then we'll see where the day takes us. C'mon you Gunners! Cheers all and be safe.

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