International Injuries and Kroenke Ups His Stake

First post in like a week or so, and you know what? The break has been good for everyone I think. You don't have to read posts about nothing, since there is nothing going on, and I don't have to try to think of anything interesting to tell you when there is nothing interesting to tell at all. Be right back I need to start the coffee pot. Alrighty the coffee is on it's way. I effing love me some coffee. So today we actually have a bit of Arsenal news, which is mostly bad, actually. Internationals have been going on, and of course, where there are internationals there are injuries for us. Such is the case this week.First of all, Robin van Persie has managed to get injured while playing for Holland. It's a groin injury that has forced him to withdraw from the squad, and what a bloody awful time to get hurt it is. He's been healthier this year than in any of the last few, and now right at the end, when we need him the most, he's gotten injured when he's not even playing for us. I don't know how long he'll be out but hopefully he is back fit soon and this isn't an injury that will linger for a long time.Robin also has been talking about a new contract, saying he would be willing to sign an extension as long as the club "match his ambitions.""Financially Arsenal's last offer is fine, but that isn't everything for me. It's about my ambitions and how they can be fulfilled. The club and I want the same, and it's our intention to achieve that. We have all the other factors in place - fantastic stadium, dedicated support and money in the bank. Now it's about making that final push. In the last four years, I've only won one prize, the FA Cup - and that is too little. I want to push through to achieve more."I think that's about the dumbest argument I've ever heard from any player. It seems to be a more and more common one lately though. The problem with is is this. EVERY PLAYER WANTS TO WIN TROPHIES! And how do teams win trophies? By keeping their best players with the club. So if van Persie wants to win things at Arsenal, then it sure seems to me like he needs to stay to help us accomplish that. It doesn't work out for players that leave Arsenal. Just ask Anelka, Vieira, etc. Keep that in mind Van Persie.Stan Kroenke, Arsenal board member AND American (I am proud there is an American on the Arsenal board, yep), increased his stake in the club to 20.5% after he purchased 8 percent more from Danny Fiszman. That makes him the second largest shareholder next to Alisher Cuntmanov. Ivan Gazidis spoke highly of the Stan Man:"Stan really is a model owner. I think the fact that Danny has felt comfortable selling his shares to Stan speaks volumes."And he's absolutely right. If Danny (who is a long serving Arsenal board member himself) is comfortable selling his shares to Stan, then they are convinced he only has the best interest of the club at heart. Inviting him to join the board was the first sign of trust and now this.I have this envisioned as sort of a scene from the movie Gladiator. The board are building up Maximus (Stan Kroenke), who is a fan favorite, well liked and battle tested (Stan has owned several other sports teams), and on the opposing side is the fat, ogre looking cunt Alisher Usmanov, who nobody cheers for but he bullies his way through most opposition. We all know that Maximus wins this battle so hopefully Stan will overcome that Usbeki wanker who should spend less time stuffing his pork hole and supporting Man United.And more injury news, Abou Diaby and Nicklas Bendtner have also suffered injuries. I don't even know how Diaby gets called up to the France squad honestly, but he's been forced to withdraw. You'd think with a guy as big as him he wouldn't get so many little niggly injuries, but maybe he's just a pussy. Suck it up Diaby and play through the pain. Bendtner has injured his knee with Denmark, and there is no word on how long he will be out.That's about all I've got today. Hope it was exciting and that you liked the Gladiator movie reference. Maybe a Die Hard reference tomorrow. Cheers.

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