Media response to Adebayor interview a disgrace

Emmanuel Adebayor, just a few short days after seeing his own death flash before his very eyes, being shot at, seeing his own team mates injured and members of the travelling party dead, gave an interview in Togo to try and put his sentiments on the matter into words. Naturally, it was difficult, and a clearly very shaken an emotional Adebayor found it hard to speak on the subject live on air. With all that being said, all anyone seems to be giving a sh*t about is the fact he was wearing an Arsenal training t-shirt! It's an absolute disgrace, many respected publications have chosen to circle their focus around his apparel rather than the interview itself. The fact he was in Togo to mourn the deaths of who died went over most people's heads.Blogs, newspapers, you name it have gone crazy over the matter. Think for a second. Adebayor comes from Togo and his parents are Nigerian, and in those countries who are the most prevalently supported club? Arsenal! The African nations are Arsenal mad and love the club, Adebayor has already said this, so why is it strange he wear an Arsenal shirt with an open mind in a country where that club is loved? Why is it weird to some people that Adebayor himself was a fan the club before he arrived in England and why should he stop being a fan just because he came and left, regardless of indifference's with the fans. It's simply closed mindedness and eagerness to make headlines at ANY cost, rather than taking a second to look at the bigger picture.

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