Now we know how to get desire out of this team!!

Arsenal 1 - 1 Liverpool. Not the score we wanted or anticipated in order to keep tabs on the leading pack in the premiership. However, right now I feel the result is somewhat secondary in my thoughts. Why? Because I and every other gooner and their momma have been crying out for this team to show some grit and determination, and I have to say the key to it was unlocked today - by the crowd, who were FANTASTIC. Adebayor's sending off was a shambles in my view, Jamie Redknapp can say what he wants - he's the most impartial pundit you are ever, EVER likely to see, his hate for the gunners is so transparent it blinds me. The big striker's first challenge I agree deserved a yellow card, coming over the top of the defender with studs showing, no contact, but yes, a foul, "maybe" a yellow. The second was not. Adebayor clearly attempted to sheild the ball away from Arbeloa, granted his hand touched the spaniards face, but the striker had only eyes for the ball, and YES he did come over the top again with the right boot and turned in - very much like Arca yesterday, except Arca's was MALICIOUS. Adebayor was simply trying to sheild the ball from his opponent and made sure his foot was in between the Liverpool defenders legs rather than make contact - it's yet another decision from a referee who has f.a knowledge on the game. Anyway, what I really wanted to write about was what happened after that...The crowd, booing the opposition? no way I hear you say! Yes way I say, and they were unbelievable throughout the moment of the sending off and the final whistle, giving liverpool a hard time every time they got possession - which gave our 10 men a HUGE boost, I've never seen this Arsenal side chase, chase and fight like they did in the last 20 mins today, so even if we were sloppy overall, today I choose to look at the positive and that's a pretty big positive in my view, because I questioned whether the team had that sort of spirit in their locker - they showed they did, and how. Now we know they had it, surely we need the crowd to get behind the team in that manner from the starting whistle - I am in no doubt we can turn the Emirates in to a real fortress if we do and the energy it would give the players would be so vital to our chances of any kind of success this year. I'm not going to be one of those deluded gunners who get carried away by things and say oh we'll win the title and champions league and beat villa 9-0 next game. I'm simply just pleased that there is some genuine metal in the side that has come out - I believe it's a big step, one we can build on, but I'm under no illusions, we are a good 3/4 top top players short. A mention has to go out to a quite smashing goal by Robin Van Persie today, he doesn't always score but when he does, dear me they aren't scrappy. What a goal. A delicious pass by Nasri curling in the wind, RVP watching it all the way, the control is sublime, the technique to drag the ball away from Carragher was simply awesome and the strike he got off with his Chocolate leg with so limited time and space to bury the ball past Reina in the bottom right hand corner of the net was just world class - a quite brilliant goal. I'm choosing to leave it at that. On a positive note, we've been linked to every one and their mama today, let's see what unfolds in Jan, and lets hope we can show the same grit and get one over on Villa next week on boxing day. It's going to be mighty difficult, especially with Adebayor out now, but it's a game we simply have to win if we are going to miraculously win the title this season.

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