Rosicky Injured Yet Again, Theo Walcott's Birthday

Morning all. Been a busy weekend I'd say so I haven't written anything. I actually had time to write something Friday but I just wasn't feeling it. Sometimes that happens. I actually didn't even get to see the Blackburn match because the match started at 11:00 here and I had to coach my team at 11:30, so I missed the whole thing. And it wasn't worth it either because my team got crushed 10-2 and Arsenal won 4-0 and unbelievably Eboue scored two goals! What is this world coming to? Then to follow that up I had to cheer for the Scum from the Lane to beat Villa! They did, thankfully, which kept us in fourth place, but it meant that I had to go puke for hours on end. My body doesn't react well to supporting Sp*rs, even for two hours.So on to today's news then now that I've recapped the weekend. The first one is really some shite news...Tomas Rosicky has had another injury which will prevent his return to full training for an additional two weeks. *Sigh* It's really tough for me to come to grips with this. Every time he has come the least bit close to regaining match fitness, his hamstring flares up again. It has happened at least four times that I can recall just during this season. I don't see how it is ever going to get better if it hasn't yet. I think Rosicky could help us out this season if he could make it back to fitness ever but it doesn't appear that he will and I'm going to say that I think we've probably seen the last game Rosicky will ever play for Arsenal, and maybe in football period. If he can't get healthy and stay healthy than how can he ever be counted on to contribute to any team? Paying him to nurse his hamstrings for 14 months is getting a bit old. I'm sorry Tomas because it's not your fault, but please stop stealing your wages while you set in ice baths and never heal.In other news, Andrey Arshavin has been getting some praise heaped on him from Arsene Wenger, and he has heaped right back."I like players like him who, in the final third, can give you hope and create something you don't expect. I felt we needed that with the players we have and with the type of game we like to play. But also he has won before and he has experience. We are very, very young. We sold (Alexander) Hleb, and (Tomas) Rosicky we have lost for 14 months. They were in the right age category, between 27 and 30, and we were a bit short at that level."I won't even throw in the "no shit" that is deserved when he says our team is very young and needed some experience, but it's true about what Arshavin does give us. I watched his goal against Blackburn several times and it really is a fantastic goal that I don't know that any of our other players could have scored. He wasn't scared to take on the defender by himself and when he made his move he went with it to the goal and made sure it went in. We could use a bit more of that from the rest of the team. He's going to be a big factor for us the rest of the year.Today is Theo Walcott's birthday! C'mon you guys, let's bust it out for him:"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Lord Theo, happy birthday to you."I'm sure he does really appreciate that, because he reads this site every day of course. He's not a teenager anymore, as he's turning 20. Arsene Wenger was talking of Theo on his big day:"He gives us something that is important as well when we play at home. He goes behind the defenders and creates room and he has a direct game. We need that, especially at home. It is important to have him back and he gives you something that can make a difference in any game. Compared to one year ago there is no comparison, which is what people sometimes have problems to accept. At that age, every three months you go higher up but how much, you can never predict."If you have read this site before you know how much I love Theo and think he's going to be amazing. He really made a huge difference in the Blackburn game, and while almost anyone would be an improvement over Eboue, Walcott is a HUGE improvement over him. With Arshavin on the left or up front and Walcott on the right...oh just imagine when Cesc gets back...think of how much better our team will be instantly.So our next league game is Saturday at Newcastle, who are shite but not so shite that we can just say we'll win easily, especially since we have played badly against the worst teams in the league all season. Our next match though is tomorrow night against Hull City in the FA Cup. It's the quarter finals and the winner gets to head to Wembley to play Chelsea and I'd really love to win this. It looks like a lot of youngsters will play, including Gibbs and Fabianski, but the full squad hasn't been released. Andrey Arshavin says he is "desperate" to play against Hull, but he had eight stitches at half time against Blackburn so we'll have to wait and see. This is a really big match for us. Just getting to Wembley I think will give a big boost to this young team. C'mon you Gunners!That's about all the news today. Maybe a match preview tomorrow but we'll have to see. I've got a midterm later on tonight, wish me luck. Cheers all.

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