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Bayern Review: No Discipline, No Leadership, No Cohesion, No Cutting Edge.

One of the few positives: Jack stood out once again.
Key conclusions:

We are seemingly incapable of learning from our mistakes, and keep giving away games before they even have started properly;
Arsene cannot settle on a formation and style of play at the moment, resulting in a continuous lack of cohesion, and systemic and focused approach to our football;
Theo, alone up-front, did not work;
We lack extrovert leadership;
We lack quality in certain areas;
We lack a beast of a DM;
Our painful period of transition is to continue for quite a while.

After a promising start, Arsenal gave once again the game away with a couple of defensive mistakes. Against MU away, and Liverpool, Chelsea and ManCity at home we did exactly the same, and in top football this is utterly self-defeating.
I really thought our defence would be fully prepared for this happe...