Written by williams, 511 days ago.
am really feeling you guys this season
Arsenal to make move for £16 million man
Written by williams, 511 days ago.
am really feeling you guys this season
Arsenal to make move for £16 million man
Written by Tiga96, 539 days ago.
Yes,Flamini give us defensive Cover up.
West Brom v Arsenal - Match Preview
Written by WattsEmma, 548 days ago.
He'll always remain that good manager for Arsenal!
Football - Wenger: I want to stay forever
Written by Jvc6677, 571 days ago.
Written by Ayinde, 572 days ago.
Ozil signing a new begining for Arsenal.
Mesut Ozil: Arsenal signing excites Theo Walcott
Written by Ayinde, 572 days ago.
I think the signing of ozil is good,but w@ will happen to our striking force when oliver giroud is injured?
Ozil joins in club record fee -Wilshere "buzzing" -Cazorla hails "amazing player"
Written by jondemassey, 572 days ago.
Ok let me get this right!
In the summer of 2010, Real Madrid really thought Mesut Özil was the real deal, so they signed him for €15M, about £12M at the time.
He is still a good player, but not as good as Santi, who plays the same position.
Three years and a mere 13 goals later from a position just behind the main striker, he is voted the first out the door in a clear out by los Merengues .....and we buy him for £42.5M.
Am I missing something here? I thought Arsene Wenger was being careful with the money.
Arsenal make a sign of intent: Welcome Mesut Özil
Written by Ubah, 573 days ago.
Ozil best signing for Arsenal am very happy now. Much money £42million.
BREAKING NEWS: Mesut Ozil Currently Undergoing Arsenal Medical
Written by Mustafe, 581 days ago.
Written by abema0, 590 days ago.
I think Arsenal we have no money to buy an player because we have bought none till now.And what do we demand if Tomorrow we start.
How can we see the player to buy on next two days and who can sell his player on short time.

Hahahah Wenger it's better to leave now.Really we've tired with your words.
Wenger - I understand every frustration
Written by otunare4life, 595 days ago.
Rogers talking about loyalty is funny.where was loyalty when RVP and Cesc Fab left for MANU and Barca.Either livapul sell or force Suares to stay,its a no win situation for Brender.Arsenal should move on in the tranfer window.Another twelve months will tell if Rogers is right about his Loyalty theory when livapul would have lost good money.Gunners 4 life
Cavani Fires Back at Rodgers' Loyalty Claims.
Written by abema0, 601 days ago.
Speak the truth Proffessor. You cry whenver you see the club have hard time but you like to see this condition in your club. Don't you have money to buy player or you like to put the money in the mirror to see it.
Other people commit themselves reason Arsenal defeated so make it happen like once we palyed good game, we didn't loss, you can make it again Arsene don't give up man strech your arm man
WENGER: I cried most of the time...See why Wenger had to cry
Written by abema0, 601 days ago.
Don't leave him like you did to Yaya Toure. I think other top club will take him and make him sharp like Drogba.You saw yesterday what happend wherever we meet him,He make us cry. So please take him with Suarez from Liverpool and there Bring the Young start from German I hope he can play center defender with anyone there
Colombian star set for Arsenal sojourn
Written by abema0, 601 days ago.
Bring him to Arsenal,He is the fighter like Flamin was
Colombian star set for Arsenal sojourn
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