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Is it time for Wenger to decide? Uncommitted Brilliance or Committed Quality?

Wenger has faith in Iwobi
There is much to be positive about as an Arsenal fan. After a tricky start to the campaign the team are winning consistently, if not flamboyantly and certain individuals have been key to that. However the two players who have not been integral to the turnaround are still the two players being most discussed in the media, which is frankly dull. No matter how good Ozil and Alexis are, or should I say can be, they have not played the most significant part and in the German’s case, any part in the improvements.
If either player truly wanted to be a part in Arsenal’s future we know they would have signed up to be and that they have not done. The Club/Wenger elected to keep both players, ultimately, into the final year of their respective contracts and that decision whilst, in part, showing some strength in the summer, is not looking...