‘Classics’, kids and contracts

As we lurch ever closer to this weekend’s game against Moneychester City, the build up is already beginning by the media online, talking up ‘classics’ and how this weekend’s ga... [Read More]

Traditions? Not where TV is concerned

Isn’t it sad that the FA Cup fixture scheduling brings more of a sigh of relief when it’s actually a weekend game, as opposed to a ridiculous midweek game like Everton and West Ham had to ... [Read More]

2014: cup goodness balanced by league failings

So here we are. We arrive at the final day of 2014 and I have to tell you, it’s a year in which I find myself reflecting on both highs and lows for The Arsenal. But in true Arsenal fashion, the ... [Read More]


It’s the middle of the week and boy, am I glad we’re getting through it quickly enough, because I am looking forward to Christmas. Booze, movies and plenty of The Arsenal to talk about. On... [Read More]

Grumpy at injuries and our Rubik’s cube defence

This horrible weather we’re having in London can do one. Sideways. With a spatula. That’s on fire. So can signal failures, which are the bane of everyone’s lives. If you can’t ... [Read More]

A tribute to Thierry

Even though he still doesn’t play with us any more, I hope you will indulge me today, as I spend a bit of time gushing over a footballer who has become my favourite of all time: Thierry Henry. Y... [Read More]

Wenger and Me: from trepidation to excitement

I’m still reeling from Sunday’s debacle and might even decide to have a day or two off during the international break. Such is the apathy with which our season has played out, I feel like ... [Read More]

Tracking Down Arsenal's Players on Day of Cesc Fabregas' Debut in 2003

Cesc Fabregas' outstanding start to his Chelsea career has made particularly painful viewing for Arsenal fans. Many Gunners supporters fondly remember Fabregas' first-team debut for the club in the Le... [Read More]

Quality fence panels, not for sitting on

I was thinking about writing something about the news that Mesut Özil might be (emphasis on ‘might’. The club have said it’s too soon to suggest how long he’ll be out for) inju... [Read More]

Can Arsène ever win us a league again?

Hello there. Isn’t it just marvellous to be alive and supporting The Arsenal. Imagine how much duller our lives would be if we all took up sewing instead, eh? Yes, we’d all be well stocked... [Read More]
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