Why can’t Arsenal solve the Midfield dilemma? One CM who sits, one box to box & one attacking. Easy?

It’s been a while since my last blog, far too long in all honesty but the hardest part about starting again is knowing where to start. I have many issues with this current Arsenal side and particularl... [Read More]

Nervy about form, but a reaction is needed

Matchday! The bestest day of the week! Today it’s Sunderland away and the best thing about football is that it very quickly offers the chance of redemption, so after a number of really poor perf... [Read More]

Get out of Birthday Jail Card used

Last night Arsène Wenger must have played his invisible ‘Birthday Get Out Of Jail’ card, because after what we all watched in Belgian last night, there are not many people who have a physi... [Read More]

Something’s not right

Something isn’t quite right at Arsenal at the moment. Most obviously is the number of draws that we’ve already racked up this season. Everton, Leicester, Moneychester City, the Spuds and H... [Read More]

Mesut Ozil: Conundrum, Asset or Liability?

Question: Is Mesut Ozil a Conundrum, an Asset or a Liability? I ask, because if we believe the various media outlets, and unfortunately many do blindly, he is all three. Take the latest stories of ho... [Read More]

The best England performance A gooner could hope for

I’m one of the few Englishmen that was overwhelmingly happy about the 1-0 win against Estonia last night, it seems, because I’ve woken up to much gnashing of teeth from the various corners... [Read More]

Jack’s timely form softens Özil sadness

Had a lot on yesterday, so didn’t manage to step into the blogosphere to compile some thoughts on all things Arsenal, but with a spare 15 minutes this Saturday morning I thought I’d spew s... [Read More]

Pressures on, but enforced changes may be a blessing

Big game today boys and girls, big game indeed. Not least because a consecutive defeat in the Champions League will make qualification from the group stages look very precarious. It seems quite amazin... [Read More]

Ozil LM – RamShere Central – Alexis & Danny to Mash: Ars v Spuds Preview

Ooh I love devouring the Spuds. I like them chipped, I like them boiled with gravy, I like them in a salad with some garlic mayo on top, I like them flattened into hash brownies, or even better, mashe... [Read More]

Timing in football – will youth break through?

Morning fabulous Gooner colleagues. It’s Thursday, we’re one day closer to a home game against the Spuds, but all has gone relatively quiet on the Western Front, that front of course being... [Read More]
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