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The extraordinary speed of Arsenal’s decline after the first double; the Arsenal anniversaries

While the first Arsenal double in 1971 is of course remembered as a core part of the club’s history, what happened thereafter is rarely mentioned.
Bertie Mee stayed in office and attempted to introduce a military style approach to managing footballers – footballers who now were immortalised and feted after their achievements.   Tension was rife and the club declined rapidly.
By 1975 Arsenal were 16th in the league and still in decline and for several seasons had spells when they were being talked about as relegation candidates.
Two anniversaries on this day – one in 1972 and one in 1977 remind us just how fast the club collapsed, and how quickly Mee lost any sort of grip on the club and its players.


12 February 1887: Alexandra Utd 0 Royal Arsenal 6.  It was Arsenal’s seventh game since their formation the p...