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The shambles continues

Today, we shall talk about something we can all agree on.
Unai Emery has very strong hair product. Gale force 5 ain’t moving that mane. Amirite?
Just kidding. Today is about the shambles of Arsenal.
Juventus announced that Aaron Ramsey was joining them next season.
Ornstein said it was a 4 year deal on £400k a week. Marcotti said that’s more likely net £250k a week NET FAM. Whatever it is, that deal is fucking phenomenal. Never have I been more wrong about someone’s agent than I was about Rambo’s. That is deal of the century. It is crazier than the Mesut deal. It is unfuckingbelievable.
That is Mbappe money. That is top 5 player in the world money. That is how you say fuck-you-very-much to Arsenal (I don’t see that sort of profligacy smart, it has to be said).
… but really, what the fuck were Arsenal doing?
I appreciate a lot goes ...