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We had a Fan to Man Chat with Mesut Ozil

Head to Head with MO11
I am they say The World’s Finest 10
So we hear so act like it then
I want £250k a week and then I might sign
We would rather you played till May on £160k that’s fine
But I do love The Arsenal, I have always said
So sign up or ship out, let’s put this to bed
I complete each match over 90% of my passes
I can see that Mesut, I do not need glasses
So what is your problem and why take offence
Because we don’t want safe 5 yarders but ones that split their defence
But I am the Assist King, my stats do not lie
Double figures once in 4 seasons is not actually so high
But I put it on a plate and my teammates don’t score
Well don’t give up on them and do it some more
I never give up and I run and run every game
Cool but maybe run AND tackle if it’s all the same
I can try I suppose but it’s not ...