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Wenger Doubted If He Was "Capable Of Leading" Arsenal This Summer

Arsene Wenger has admitted that he doubted if he was “capable of leading the club” while hesitating over a new contract this summer (via The BBC).
Well, it’s hardly something you want to hear from the manager of a football club but Arsene Wenger has done just that.
There was serious hesitation over Wenger’s future this summer. His contract had expired and there was a very real chance that he would step down after over two decades in charge.
Now, the Frenchman has admitted that he hesitated over signing a new deal while negotiations were ongoing.
“I’ve been at Arsenal many years and last season we struggled a lot,” the Frenchman said.
“This year we won our first game, we weren’t as good in the second match and then we had a catastr...